Two weeks of seriousness.

This time comes 4 times a year. The time when you feel like sleeping some more, chatting some more, roaming around some more, The time when you should study some more. The time of Mid semester and end semester exams. 1st year in the college and i’m already fed up of these.The time when you […]


Let’s just go back in time. To see what we have done, what we have created, What we have left behind us. Let’s just die in oblivion. Forgetting the people who We loved, We adored, Who loved us. Let’s just not care and die in oblivion.

College Beauty Standards

For all those people out there who be going to a college very soon let me just try to tell you one little good thing before you enter your college. In colleges, we have this one thing called beauty standards and you all should be very conscious about yourself and your body shape. Unless you […]

Morning or Night?!

Whenever i start to know some people there is always question at some point in the conversation saying are you a morning person or a night person? honestly, sometimes even i get confused with what i actually am. I enjoy having a mug a coffee in the morning and listen to the chirping of birds […]

A happy place to be

If you’re happy with yourself other people’s opinions don’t mean sh*t. We live in a world where everyone judges everyone, accept that, but don’t let it limit your life in any way because of others. via 12 Ways To Stop Overcomplicating Life And Start Living  — Thought Catalog


Here’s to the people asking for help. We know today most of us have some or the other issue in our lives which is eating us on the inside, stressing us so much that we sometimes start making distance from our friends and family and sometimes drowning us in the sea of drugs. But, only […]